“Life is hard. Great romance can make it much better.”

Family Legacy and Lineage of John Lambert

A Story of Happiness, Heritage, and Noble Descent

John and his wife Carla have been very happily married for over 37 years, with four grown children, and he was fortunate to have parents who were excellent role models and who themselves were very happily married for 37 years until parted by death.

John is a direct descendant on his father’s side of Sir John Lambert, 1470-1533, of Lambert Oaks, Woodmasterne, Surrey, England, and on his mother’s side is a direct descendant of Edward Somerset, 1550-1628, 4th Earl of Worcester and advisor to King James I of England (who financially sponsored the translation of the Christian Bible into what became known as the King James version of 1611), and Sir James Morgan, 1643-1718, 4th Baronet of Llantarnam, Monmouthshire, Wales.

The Story of John's Education and Career

Academic Achievements, Professional Expertise, and a Journey of Resilience

John has a Masters degree in Education from Regent University, a Bachelors degree in Economics, History, Literature in English, Psychology, and Sociology from Excelsior University, and an Associates degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from the Cleveland Institute of Technology. Other than electronics, his degree fields are all relevant to the study of romance to greater or lesser extents, but he’s spent more time independently studying romance than for all his degrees combined, in order to help him become the best husband he can be.

While studying romance in his spare time, John had a long career in I.T., for which he earned over 60 professional certifications from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sun Microsystems, and other I.T. organizations.

While working for Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer for SQL Server, an attack of viral encephalitis knocked John into early retirement, and that was in addition to amnestic-type Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) which steadily worsened for years before finally stabilizing, possibly due to improved diet and exercise.

Resilience, Creativity, and Literary Pursuits

John's Journey of Memory Challenges and Literary Rediscoveries

In the years following encephalitis, he attempted to write a novel but was forced to give up due to poor memory. The more he wrote, the less he remembered from the beginning of the tale and what had happened up to the current point. Eventually, much more time was spent refreshing memory than extending the story. More recently, he turned to poetry with some success, since poems haven’t exceeded his memory constraints.

While curating love poems for an anthology, he came across a poem that mentioned someone named Lindamira, which sparked his curiosity and created a detour in completing his poetry book Crimson Leaves. The main result is his republishing a 2023 edition of one of the greatest romance novels ever written, an 18th-century international best-seller, and perhaps the first romance novel originally written in English: The Adventures of Lindamira, first published in 1702. Once fully available, work will recommence on Crimson Leaves.

His slow recovery is still progressing.

I also tried running a YouTube channel for a while, which you can see by clicking here. I stopped posting new videos after my computer crashed and I lost the video editing software that I was used to. I may try doing videos there again someday. –JDL

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